Cookie #1: Jacques Torres (aka New York Times CCC)



For all the people out there, bitching that this cookie is too hard or too pretentious or too French… you are all wrong but whatever, Slate, eat your subpar cookies, what do I care? I can’t believe this was my first cookie – because there is really not much that can be done to improve this recipe.  I mean, I’ll try others but I can’t imagine anything being as delicious as these.

First of all, recipe is here, on NYT, and I used BrownEyedBaker’s posting here (I’m using a lot of her postings, because she has tried A LOT of CCC recipes, and posted them all.  If you don’t know me personally, and you’re just looking for some good cookie postings, go see her!)

Now on to the good stuff.  This recipe features equal parts bread flour (high protein content) and cake flour (low protein content).  If you’re into reading about flour, get your learn on!  It also requires a 24-hour chill time on the dough which is kind of excruciating because Iwantcookiesnow, but definitely worth it.  There is a very high chip-to-dough recipe.  Like REALLY HIGH.  So much chocolate.  And once you’ve chilled that dough, and broken your hands scraping that hard-ass dough out of the bowl and rolled it into balls, you sprinkle those giant dough balls with sea salt and then you bake them.  Holy Christmas – these cookies are going to be hard to beat.


Just out of the oven

Just out of the oven


A birthday gift for Gabe



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